& development

Incorporating innovation into tradition

Over the years, Brioches Fonteneau has acquired valuable market knowledge and experience.

While integrating the quality, logistics and deadline constraints involved in modern distribution, the company has never compromised on quality.

All the raw materials it uses undergo strict selection procedures in the form of compliance certification tests, to ensure that each ingredient retains its original natural flavour during the manufacturing process.

In tune with retailers

Brioches Fonteneau has established itself as a priority partner of players in the mass retail sector.

Working to pre-defined specifications, it implements the very best solutions to cater to their every request, taking care to preserve the baker's art, the factor responsible for the unique trademark quality of its products.

A "Research and Development" manager oversees all new manufacturing projects and provides the interface with the company's other departments (production, quality).
He also keeps a firm eye on regulatory, health and marketing matters, in order to guarantee the quality and appropriacy of the company's products.

In addition to a test laboratory, Brioches Fonteneau also has a specific production site for the manufacture of preliminary series prior to the definitive launch of a new product on the market.


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