The company

In the beginning, there was one man

In the late 70s, Gilles FONTENEAU bought a craft bakery-patisserie shop in Chavagnes-en-Paillers.

A true Vendéen, born and bred, he lovingly shaped and moulded brioches in his bakehouse. One distinction after another soon encouraged him further in his endeavours. The years 1981 and 1988 were high spots in his career and in 1992, he received first prize for the best Vendée brioche.
Also a shrewd businessman with personable communication skills, Gilles FONTENEAU wasted no time in offering to supply his brioches to supermarkets in the Vendée and Nantes region, where they were an immediate hit with bread lovers.

Controlled growth

In 1983, the company took over a brioche manufacturing plant built on 200 sq.m. at La Copechagnière. This was gradually extended to cover 2,200 sq.m.
The year 2000 saw a new phase in its expansion with the founding of a second production site at Boufféré in the Parc Vendée Sud Loire (2200 sq.m.), close to the A83, along the main Nantes-Bordeaux axis.
Four years later, the site extended across 6,000 sq.m.
Now partnering major retailers, Brioches Fonteneau manufactures brioches and Viennese-style pastries under its own brand, “Ma Boul’Ange”.


The unparalleled Vendée brioche

Since the Middle Ages, it had been an Easter custom for Vendée families to make a "Gâche", a close-crumbed brioche in loaf form.
In the process of time, the recipe underwent changes and, in the 19th century, bakers, who had taken over farmhouse loaf manufacture, came up with the idea of the plait. Thus the famous "Plaited Brioche" was born: a lighter, airier version of the original.
It is these age-old techniques and skills that Brioches Fonteneau perpetuate to this day.

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