Frequently asked questions

Our products can be found in your supermarket in the traditional bakery-pastry section sold under our brand name (little tip: you will find our name “BRIOCHES FONTENEAU” on the back of the pack).

Our buns and pastries are also sold in the pastry section of supermarkets under the shop’s own private label (known as MDD premiums, a little tip: these brands often include the names “regions”, “flavours”, “reflections”, “talent”, etc.).

Store in a dry place and away from light. Once opened, close the bag with the original clip and for a perfect taste, eat it within 3 days after opening.

After a few days, it naturally loses its freshness, but when roasted it regains its full flavour!

Our bags are recyclable. However, as sorting instructions vary from region to region, it is best to check with your local sorting office. The clasp must be thrown away.

We are currently working internally to improve the recyclability of all our packaging.

Yes you can freeze our products quickly after purchase. For thawing, leave the bun at room temperature for 2-3 hours depending on the product. It is not necessary to put the product in the oven.

It is a fermented dough made in-house from a sourdough mother. Thanks to the fermentation process, the sourdough is naturally acidic and helps to preserve the products better.

Yes, these are eggs, gluten and milk. These allergens are listed in bold on the back of the pack.

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