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Social and environmental concerns are at the heart of our approach. Commitment is the basis of our thinking and the driving force behind our actions. Our aim is to strengthen the positive impact of our company and to offer you delicious and responsible products.

To guarantee a supply lines that's

local and responsible

At Brioches Fonteneau, quality is at the heart of our business, with the meticulous selection of every ingredient we use and the partners we source from. This continuous demand for quality is inseparable from our environmental and ethical responsibilities. To achieve this, we work with all of our partners in a long-term co-construction process.

origine france

Our brioches are made from quality ingredients and are designed to be both tasty and convivial:

with milk from France

2021: 62% raised outside cages
2025: 100% commitment



For more than 40 years, we have been using French flours from the IGP zone (Grand Ouest) and in 2020, we joined the GIE “CRC”.  This membership of the “Culture Raisonnée Contrôlée” (Controlled Reasoned Cultivation) network strengthens our commitments since our flours meet specific specifications:

  • local (Grand Ouest);
  • from reasoned crops, without post-harvest treatment;
  • respectful of good agricultural practices favourable to biodiversity;
  • better remuneration for producers.

Being a concerned producer


40% of our turnover is made with products from controlled and certified quality chains (Label Rouge, IGP and organic).

Our approach to improvement and innovation is constant. This allows us to regularly offer new healthy recipes (without additives) while perpetuating an ancestral know-how. Our objective: to meet the current expectations of our customers and to contribute to the “gourmet well-being” of our consumers.

At Brioches Fonteneau, we actively fight against food waste. We make numerous donations to associations and 100% of our organic waste is recovered and used for animal feed.

The Boufféré and Copechagnière production sites are IFC and BRC certified to guarantee the quality and safety of our food products to all our customers.

Labels and certificates

To be a company that's

respecting the environment

The proximity of our partners contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

We work closely with our packaging suppliers to develop responsible packaging solutions (FSC cardboard, recyclable bags).

Being a passionate, caring and committed employer

Our ambition: to share and develop a genuine culture of quality, safety and innovation, a source of progress for the company.

Our training and integration plan allows each person to evolve and grow within our team in a context of growth.

The location of our sites within a 20km radius reflects our desire to be a player in the development of our region and local employment.



Passion is the essence of our family business

At the heart of our company and the driving force behind our activity: passion. Passion for our local products, for their history and for our profession as bakers.

It is omnipresent at Brioches Fonteneau and fuels our desire to take our customers, our teams and our company ever further.

Every day, it allows us to take up new challenges thanks to a dynamic of perpetual improvement and permanent innovation.

Caring is part of our company's DNA

Every decision and every action is thought out and carried out with kindness. We share this kindness throughout the company with our customers and partners.

Through respect and listening, we want each member of our team to be the bearer of it.

It is an essential part of the values of our family business, as it is synonymous with cohesion, cooperation and above all trust.

Commitment, the founding and enduring value of Brioches Fonteneau

For more than 40 years, the production of our Vendée brioches and cakes has reflected our social and environmental commitment with :

  • Authentic recipes without additives, developed with respect for the baker’s know-how. Our products are made from quality ingredients of French origin, resulting from long-term partnerships with our local suppliers;
  • a territorial anchoring which participates in the economic dynamics and the maintenance of employment in the region by supporting numerous local associations.

By making innovation a key creative process at Brioches Fonteneau, we seek to develop the positive impact of our company by strengthening our social and environmental commitments.

Our know-how

A family history

JOIN us!

Would you like to join a human adventure based on a family history and a social and environmental commitment? Join us to broaden your skills and expertise within a dynamic team and participate in the development of Brioches Fonteneau!

Rejoignez-nous !

Vous souhaitez rejoindre une aventure humaine fondée sur une histoire familiale, un engagement social et environnemental ? Retrouvez-nous pour élargir vos compétences et votre expertise au sein d’une équipe dynamique et participer au développement de Brioches Fonteneau !

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