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Brioches Fonteneau is first and foremost a family story. The story of a small bakery that specialised in brioche and gâche.
Since 1977, the family business has developed around this emblematic product of the region to become one of the major players in the sector.
Discover the values that drive us every day:


At Brioches Fonteneau, being committed means everything.
We are committed to preserving an ancestral know-how that is typical of our region.
We are committed to sublimating taste and health so that our products bring the greatest pleasure to every consumer while being as healthy as possible.
We are committed to promoting local producers and using raw materials that respect our planet.
We are committed to being involved with the players in our region: sports associations, charities, environmental organisations… our commitment is to be alongside those who make our region tick.
We are committed to helping our teams grow. Every day, they are the ones who create the buns and pastries that delight young and old alike.


Our family history has given us a strong sense of kindness. Since 1977, we have been committed to cultivating this cherished value.
All our decisions and those of our teams are guided and directed by this value.
It is present in our day-to-day dealings with all our partners, where we advocate dialogue, listening and respect.
Kindness is what brings us all together within the company.


Since 1977 we have been accompanying your breakfasts, snacks…
We’ve shared the difficult awakenings, the joyful ones, the family celebrations, the gatherings… We’ve shared your laughter and your moments of life.
Since 1977, we have supported our teams as much as they have supported us. Together, we perpetuate know-how and tradition.
For us, sharing is also synonymous with a commitment to charities, sports associations… to be as close as possible to the local players.
Sharing is what unites us, what brings us together, what makes us who we are, all together.

As part of our expansion, we are recruiting various profiles throughout the year.
Our history has been written alongside you since 1977. Write your own by joining our teams!



For many years, we have been committed to tackling the gender pay gap. In 2020, our professional equality index improved and was measured at 88 out of 100, well above the legal requirement of 75%. It is in this continuous improvement process that we work on a daily basis to guarantee gender diversity and equity at all levels in the company.

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